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You could download a core Amino app that collected all its communities together and made it easy to switch between them.But even though it would be far simpler to use that single core app, Amino says most users who follow multiple topics still use the dedicated apps for each one instead.

"The goal is to have a community for every interest in the world." Before today, the service made each community a dedicated app.

This made sense from a distribution standpoint: the audience Amino is pursuing is far more likely to use an app store, not a search engine, when seeking out ways to connect with their passions.

Over the past week I spent some time playing with Amino, which has the same underlying purpose as Reddit — user-generated communities based on specific interests — but takes a mobile-only approach that is aimed at a younger audience.

The startup, which raised its seed funding in 2014, has around 4 million active users across 92 communities.

Going forward, any user will have the ability to try and start a new interest group.

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