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Dev, the protagonist played by Aziz Ansari in his Netflix original series, In the fourth episode of the sophomore season, Dev has discovered the joys of swipe dating, the trendier sub genre of online dating — it’s like trap music to rap, or Kendall and Kylie to the Kardashian family.Despite being called “Love At First Sight,” the app would be more appropriately named “First Date at First Sight,” because Dev goes on a string of them with women of all different races.For the infinite number of interactions that fall somewhere "in between" on the offensive spectrum, we struggle some more, lest we not get laid.

When it’s clear that their hot and heavy make-out session is headed toward sex, Catherine asks Dev to retrieve a condom from a jar on her nightstand.

The jar is in the shape of a very dark-skinned Black woman in domestic worker clothing.

” Doing so might run the risk of coming off as too uptight when we really don't know the other person's intentions just yet.

When totally unacceptable comments and behaviors arise, we try to strategize our exit, lest we end up in an argument or worse on what was supposed to be a fun night.

For such an intimate social interaction based on real-life chemistry, dating is evolving right along with our technological revolution.