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‘It is not even clear whether the chronometers are consistent or in conflict with each other. all methods rely on models of varying complexity involving assumptions difficult to verify and parameters difficult to measure.’ In other words, if the moon had originated naturalistically, the inclination should be zero and a lunar eclipse should occur at each full phase.Biblically, God created the moon with very nearly its present inclination, and the orbital inclination problem is really a ‘pseudo-problem’.According to this theory, the moon is currently receding, but was once approaching the earth as part of a series of alternating recession/approach events as old as the moon’s conventional age.

This period of time is so short, compared with the age of the earth, that serious doubts have been cast upon most proposed origins and histories of the moon.’ One response to the chronological challenge of recession has been the impact theory, in which lunar material originates within the Roche limit but is quickly ejected beyond it.

The impact theory in turn is grounded in an older concept, the ‘orbital resonance theory’, which claims that the moon was never actually at the Roche limit.

The Roche limit is the distance from a central body, such as a planet, inside of which orbiting debris cannot coalesce.

The gravitational force of the central body on an orbiting particle is stronger on the particle’s near side than on its far side.

with the debris eventually coalescing into the moon.