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USA (some markings unreadable - - 10" Briggs's Pattern combination nut and pipe wood handled monkey wrench with hex adjusting nut.

Unmarked - - 12.75" quick adjust two segment rack nut wrench with locking collar. Usually seen marked Klein, Williams brand is considerably rarer.

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16, 1853 (weak markings on reverse side, not all readable) - - 12" Coes Double Screw Nut Wrench patented by Aury Coes. 2 - MADE BY THOMAS CHATWIN LTD BIRMINGHAM - - 12" odd screw adjustable nut wrench.

LEVER WRENCH - THE LEVER CO NY - PAT APPL'D FOR - - 8" all steel automotive type wrench with a lever to apply final tightening.

Robert Burkey of Iuka, Kansas added a few hundred more as he continues to disperse his collection. There is a nice selection of four inch Crescent types, bicycle and automobile wrenches. * Measurements are usually rounded off to the nearest 1/4".

Choice individual wrenches were obtained from Richard Lawton, Don Ervin, and Herb Page. A few of the rare farm wrench names are: Tom Cat, Brown-Dallas buggy wrench, M B M Mfg. * The markings on the wrenches are in all capital letters.

I am also available to advise and assist auctioneers who have old wrenches to auction. 1900 - - 12.5" quick adjust rack type wrench with a lever that releases the upper jaw. BONNEY VISE & TOOL WKS MAR 3, 1908 PHILA (weak markings, not all readable) - - 15.75".