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Arab Muslims primarily belong to the Sunni, Shiite, Ibadi, Alawite, Druze and Ismaili denominations.

The Christians of Iberia used the term Moor to describe all the Arabs and Muslims of that time.

Muslims of Medina referred to the nomadic tribes of the deserts as the A'raab, and considered themselves sedentary, but were aware of their close racial bonds.

And these mingled with each other, and their name was called Arabs, and Ishmaelites.

Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (676–743 AD) wrote that his father Ali ibn Husayn informed him that Muhammad in Islam had said: "The first whose tongue spoke in clear Arabic was Ishmael, when he was fourteen years old." Hisham Ibn Muhammad al-Kalbi (737–819 AD) established a genealogical link between Ishmael and Muhammad using writings that drew on biblical and Palmyran sources, and the ancient oral traditions of the Arabs.

This was one of the largest land empires in history.