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(Al-Manāmah), is located on the northeastern tip of Bahrain Island.A strikingly modern city, Manama is relaxed and cosmopolitan and is a favourite destination for visitors from neighbouring Saudi Arabia; on weekends, crowds of Saudis converge on the city to enjoy its restaurants and bars.Yet the people of Bahrain remain conservative in their lifeways.

Bahrain dating asian

Villages consist, for the most part, of substantial flat-roofed houses built of stone or concrete.

Some of the temporary settlements of fishermen and the poor are still constructed of s, Western-style shops, and a traditional Arab souk (market).

Bahrain’s only oil field, Al-Baḥrayn (also known as Awali), is rapidly depleting.

Several oil companies, however, have been granted exploration rights by the government.

Bahrain has built on its long tradition of shipping and commerce, however, and has been more successful than some other states in the gulf in developing manufacturing and commercial and financial services. Bahrain has remained the most important commercial and financial centre in the gulf, although it has faced growing competition from the .