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Marisa Beeney, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of GSO Capital Partners LP, Managing Director. Beeney oversees all legal and compliance matters relating to Blackstone’s credit focused business. Beeney worked on a variety of legal matters within GSO Capital, including new business initiatives, fund structuring and related issues for fund investments, leverage facilities and certain compliance issues. Beeney was an attorney at DLA Piper within the finance group.

Set out simply but effectively and the photos included are clear and concise.

Unfortunately when you do find a profile that interests you, there is not the usual facility to use an icebreaker like a wink or smile, in case you are a little shy to start conversations, but as your friends are involved it does make it easier because all the friends are linked too so starting conversations becomes a lot easier when the members friends are spilling all the stories on them! There is no facility for instant messaging or video links like other sites either, but I really don’t think that matters here, I think email is adequate enough.

They have had regular rave reviews from companies like Radio 1 and various magazines including vogue and FHM, describing this site as the ‘hottest dating website in the UK’, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing the My Single Friend reviews this year The layout and design of the site is quite trendy in comparison with many other dating sites.

Simple but bold pink and blue colours define the page and are used to colour code the different sections for a smoother journey.

I was very satisfied with what the free service offered, including notifications of people that are showing an interest in your profile, create your profile and view others profiles, but I still would recommend obtaining a subscription as there is plenty of other advantages included, like easily accessible links to dating tips and general advice with relationship experts and with their in-house doctor ‘fred’ obviously and most importantly the ability to communicate by email between subscribers.