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Vernon said he saw it happen and, even though he didn't know Smith, said he could tell she was upset and asked her if she knew the man who grabbed her.9/16/2014 Related Story: Good Samaritan Comes To Defense Of Tulsa Woman Groped At PBRWhen she said no, Vernon said he took off after the man and confronted him."I was screaming in his face, ‘I don't appreciate what you were doing,' basically telling him, you don't know that young lady, grabbing her butt.

People were looking at me like I was nuts," Vernon said back in September.

For motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, the decal must be attached to the right-hand, upper arm of the cycle’s right-front fork.

If the permit has been purchased but the decal is not properly affixed to the vehicle, it is considered to be the same type of violation as the “No-permit” category.

The man being sued after he stood up on behalf of a woman at a PBR event received some good news; a lawyer wants to defend Shane Vernon in that lawsuit for free.