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According to WRAL News, "He said his client could ask the U. "Because we hold that admission of the evidence seized pursuant to the third search warrant was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt, that the trial court did not err in admitting evidence concerning the death of Elizabeth Ratliff, and that the prosecutor's closing arguments did not amount to reversible error, we affirm the decision of the Court of Appeals." Convicted killer and former Durham mayoral candidate Michael Peterson served 10 days in segregation at Nash Correctional Institution this month after he was found with another prisoner's medications, authorities said.

This was Peterson's second time in segregation in the past month.

Black also said, "I'm thankful that we've got a positive result and it's finally over."espite the final defeat, there are apparently still some in the Peterson camp who remain bitter and refuse to allow Kathleen Peterson to rest in peace.

Maher told reporters he was "profoundly disappointed" by the Supreme Court's decision. He also said Peterson could opt to appeal again to the state on other motions for appropriate relief." So while we may not have heard the very last, other than empty threats and bitter grumbling, Michael Peterson is finally finished.

In the meantime, Judge Hudson has ordered Peterson, a pale, pathetic, gaunt-cheeked 68, to be under electronic house arrest.