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Nonetheless, cultural references stick around—here are the 37 Movies Men over 40 Can’t Stop Quoting.Free city weeklies were once overstuffed with content, with the last dozen or so pages taken up almost entirely with ads for phone sex services like 1-900-Hot-Sexx.And for more blasts from the past, here are 20 Present-Day Facts No One Could Have Predicted Five Years Ago. Nowadays when everyone has their own computer of some size, the more useful helpmate is finding the best desktop backgrounds for maximizing your productivity. Back in the days of landlines, calling somebody and getting a busy signal used to be annoying.

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For life advice from someone who was gave the antiquated technology a tongue-in-cheek obit in 2005—”It passed away peacefully after a long illness caused by chronic technological insignificance and a lack of director’s commentary tracks”—but when Japanese newspaper Nikkei rang the death knell for VCRs last summer, it was officially over.

Walking past a “film processing” desk at a pharmacy can be downright creepy.

When was the last time you made a new friend and he or she said to you, “Let’s keep in touch. ” Okay, maybe that didn’t even happen in the 20th century. And if you have one, nobody wants the number, because nobody is going to send you a fax. Now, since everything is done over email, make sure you’re using one of the 15 Cold Open Business Emails That Set You Apart. For them, an “instant” picture is any image they capture on their smartphone, and it’s accessible nanoseconds after taking it.

But with Polaroids—which ceased making instant film in 2008—“instant” meant “in a few minutes, after you shake the photo violently for some reason and then wait and wait and wait for what seems like an eternity for the image to sloooooowly appear.” It’s hard to believe that we were ever so patient.

Then your computer would attempt to “call” the Internet. And then sometimes your connection would get interrupted if somebody in the house picked up another phone, and you’d yell, “Mom! ” Compared to what we’re used to, it was a nightmare.