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The nature of the first bilaterian is a matter of debate.

One side suggests that acoelomates gave rise to the other groups (planuloid-aceloid hypothesis by Graff, Metchnikoff, Hyman, or Salvini Plawen), while the other poses that the first bilaterian was a coelomate organism and the main acoelomate phyla (flatworms and gastrotrichs) have lost body cavities secondarily (the Archicoelomata hypothesis and its variations such as the Gastrea by Haeckel or Sedgwick, the Bilaterosgastrea by Gösta Jägersten (sv.), or the Trochaea by Nielsen).

The first evidence of bilateria in the fossil record comes from trace fossils in Ediacaran sediments, and the first bona fide bilaterian fossil is Kimberella, dating to There are two main superphyla (main lineages) of Bilateria.

The deuterostomes include the echinoderms, hemichordates, chordates, and a few smaller phyla.

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