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History was made last night on the finale of "The Biggest Loser."For the first time, the final three were women -- sisters Hannah and Olivia, and Irene. In order to beat her sister, Olivia, an opera singer, had to have shed more than 126 pounds. As confetti rained down on her, Olivia pumped her fists high in the air -- and then was embraced by her proud sister, Hannah.

As Olivia, the last to weigh in, stood on the scale waiting to find out how much she lost over the 20 weeks on The Ranch, her sister Hannah, who dropped an astounding 120 poinds herself (48.39% of her body weight), looked on proudly.

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He also talks to us about the key differences between training with the new trainers, Brett and Cara, versus the tried-and-true regimen of Bob and Jillian.

Justin’s tremendous success on the Ranch, losing 118 pounds in those 12 weeks, has helped him maintain his new lifestyle at home.

Physician (2009-2013) Sandy Krum ...................

Narrator (2005-2009) Kim Lyons ....................

The Biggest Loser TV show is a competition reality series on NBC with episodes that have varied in length from sixty to 120.

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