1st weekend (screwed) wont start on sunday, dealership service is closed - Monday got it towed - No loaner - Took ride from a friend to work.

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3rd Week (Monday) wont start - again towed to the dealer, they replaced batter stating the faulty battery.time I got shuttled to work - still no loaner 3rd Week (thrudsay) Bluetooth stopped working - got it fixed (some static reset bla bla) on the same day evening 4th Week (sunday) wont start - again towed to the dealer, now the SA called asked my permission to keep the vehicle with some senior technician for two days with him to observe and put more kilometers.

After reading RFD and other forums, learnt there is no lemon law in Canada unlike States and I have no clue how to handle this situation.

You should start the process of documenting of your issues and nothing is resolved to your satisfaction File with camvap of your issue and seek compensation and copy to Nissan Canada and dealer who serviced it No point in waiting as it will take a long time for them to review your case Thanks for the suggestion, but i skeptical about the outcome as the below eligibility criteria of CAMVP is doubtful of the outcome..

"Have you followed the manufacturer’s dispute resolution process (check your owner’s handbook)?

The dealer is making money on the repair cost anyways if it is warranty so what's an extra $25-30 for the rental.