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I met him in Los Angeles after I played a gig there in 2013. You've also recorded a very interesting cover of The Rolling Stones' "Miss You." Is there anything to be read into that, given your past relationship with Mick Jagger? I always loved it and we gave it a sort of Latin beat. "Miss You" is a song that everyone feels once in a while with our children, our friends, our lover, our dogs.

He said to me that he would love to produce an album of mine for America, but that my songs are so French! It really has nothing to do with my friendship with Mick. My man is in Singapore right now, and I do miss him. I understand that The Clash's "Jimmy Jazz" is also on the album.

The year was 1991, and Donald Trump had already discharged his first wife, Ivana, from her duties and was dating Marla Maples for some time.

He eventually went on to marry Maples in 1993, but first, high drama occurred.

​It’s been about four years since you’ve released an album. I’ve been writing a lot of songs, which I've given to other singers. And I also wish the new French president good luck. Do you know the new French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife?