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Kevin gives her a stuffed bear meant for Winnie only to realize Cindy's in 7th grade.Now: Spiegel continues to act in bit parts (she's in the ' Spider-Man 3' disco scene) and after getting her major in Creative Writing from Dartmouth, continues to work on novels and screenplays.Now: Condra retired from acting and is now married to actor Mark Dacascos (' Iron Chef: America,' ' Dancing With the Stars').

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Then: A beautiful dental assistant who makes Kevin uncomfortable when he goes to get a cavity filled.

He asks his dentist that she not work during his appointments because he's so embarrassed.

Now: Kershaw has retired from acting and now focuses on a writing career, penning a parental advice column.

Then: Kevin goes on a summer vacation with his family and the Pfeiffers but winds up ditching them when he meets Cara, a rebellious local.

They fall in love but after the week is over, Kevin fails to keep in touch.