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They end up moving her inside, as this becomes the start of all kinds of misfortunes for the kidnappers as well as the kidnap victim.The victim is gagged and bound with her hands behind her back for a good portion of the first hour of the film. The dialog and situations in this one was a crack-up and had me busting up laughing, especially early on. of not giving away too much plot w/mainstreams), with one of the kidnappers facing impending doom from a local, he hesitates for a moment as he turns to look at the girl (the kidnap victim, escaped) who is yelling at him with a gutter mouth filled with all kind of expletives.Greetings: Thanks to Scribbler for the clarification about Nicole's testimony. Violence against women, indeed violence period, around the world is a real issue but in the in the more educated parts of the world, women have gained a respect and power that is unprecedented in human history.

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It reproduces and analyzes the effectiveness of each method of torture and execution.

It's quite well done and shows that some of the historical methods perhaps weren't as effective for torture as recorded.

Facts About Russia And Russian Women: Russia is the largest country in the world by land mass that has a very strong military and large reserves of natural resources such as oil and gas.

Russia also has the world's largest mineral deposits of diamonds and other precious stones.

Yik Yakker: Thanks for the tip on Katy Perry, she's cute but I'll stick with the 6 inch action figure format although there have been 'interesting' 12 inch dolls over the years.