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Laura (Mendonca) Bratcher | @ I was adopted when i was very young i believe i was a infant when i was adopted.I was bounced from foster home to foster home until i ended up at George & Jaunite Mendonca.In the begining the social worker told me I had nothing to worry about that I would get my children back.

I suffered terribly at the loss and am healing, slowly. Her adoptive mother reminded her, appropriately for a child, that there was 'another mother thinking of her and sending her love'--keeping my place alive and respected. I am writing my story and as I do so, digging deeper and deeper into those closeted memories, I think more and more of the friendships I made and want to make contact with these women, to see how they are doing. They were escorted down the aisle as my eldest's bridesmaids.

I was escorted down the aisle as her 'other mother'.

But how many others would automatically be scared of child protective services and just consent to the adoption thinking it's better than foster care.

Then years later I went through three years of infertility-my tubes are open and I was in my 20's,but I do agree with your website a lot of it is STD's causing scarring and people just plain waiting too long to get pregnant.

I said do what you want but I'm not signing those papers.