Chemistray dating service

Chemistry offers features for users' safety: Chemistry offers a unique take on online dating, with their quiz results and matching algorithm serving as matchmaker.

For those who want many options custom-picked for your personality and preferences, Chemistry's service can help.

They take their matches seriously and have advanced matchmaking tools.

The main thing to be cautious of is that there might not be a lot of users in your area on

We recommend creating a free profile to see if there are people in your area you want to communicate with before subscribing. So if you are the type of person who wants to date using your phone, may not be for you.

But the science of using genes to predict long-term compatibility is only in its infancy, said Mike Dougherty, director of education for the American Society of Human Genetics."If this is a marathon, we're still inside the first mile," he said.

When it comes to determining the success of relationships, there are so many other genes and environmental factors that come into play, Dougherty said.

does not publish how many members they have on their site (active or inactive).