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This book is about the central figure of our contemporary, 'liquid modern' times - the man or woman with no bonds, and particularly with none of the fixed or durable bonds that would allow the effort of self-definition and self-assertion to come to a rest.

Having no permanent bonds, the denizen of our liquid modern society must tie whatever bonds they can to engage with others, using their own wits, skill and dedication. Moreover, they must be tied loosely so that they can besmallest details of our daily lives are tracked and traced more closely than ever before, and those who are monitored often cooperate willingly with the monitors.

When, eleven months later, Cardinal Bertram protested that the decree had been used to requisition entire monasteries and convents and to evacuate their inhabitants, his protest was ignored.

In January 1941 Himmler ordered the complete evacuation of all such Church properties without com­pensation.

In Silesia no less than 60 monasteries and church institutions were seized.