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See "Incorrect string value" when trying to insert UTF-8 into My SQL via JDBC? My SQL too I tired so many things, realized mysql doesn't support 4 byte utf-8 uncoding at this version and was dying trying to understand what's causing this.

Changing the type apparently was the answer, an immediate solution. However, when I autogenerated the field mappings using My Generation software, it automatically set the field type as My Sql Db Type. Interestingly, I have been using the My Sql Db Type.

I have tried all of the above solutions (which all bring valid points), but nothing was working for me. Text and now I can write all the UTF8 symbols I want! Blob type with UTF8 characters for many months with no trouble, until one day I tried writing a string with some specific characters in it.

I would not suggest Richies answer, because you are screwing up the data inside the database.

You would not fix your problem but try to "hide" it and not being able to perform essential database operations with the crapped data.

Even though I had database and all tables set to UTF-8, I had yet to set If the result is not utf8 you must convert your database. To change the character set encoding to UTF-8 for all of the tables in the specified database, type the following command at the command line.

Replace DBNAME with the database name: That error means that either you have the string with incorrect encoding (e.g.

I got this error when I had TRIGGERs, which inherit server's collation for some reason.