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So you accepted Christ at a young age and now you feel kind of like Christianity was something for children.

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These dinners require the members involved to visit each other's homes for a specific course of a meal.

This activity will require parents or chaperones to be involved to assist with transportation.

They then have to pick up a piece of bubble gum, unwrap it and start chewing it. This can be more difficult if you use old-fashioned bubble bum, such as Bazooka.

They then have to blow a bubble and stick it to a piece of paper on the wall for their team using only their mouth. Let your imagination guide you in playing various games dedicated to the New Year. Fill baby bottles with juice and players have to drink it to see who can finish first (use 4 ounce bottles).

Keep reading for how to stay devoted to Christ no matter where you are, and how to grow in Christ.