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"I see a clock, a very old clock, and on the dial three pink roses? " By now, the poor woman was about to pass out in excitement. I see two arrows, or darts They're metal, and they're broken Ah! These are the hands of that clock, and they've come off the clock face, and are lying together behind the glass cover of the clock dial! " The woman was standing, mouth open, nodding vigorously. He observed that the "rose" theme was everywhere, and an embroidered "sampler" was framed by the door, with the woman's full name on it. The causes and speed of a death can be zeroed in pretty quickly : cancer, chest, head, sudden or abrupt.

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Given the number of significant people in our lives, it is not surprising that tricks can be found to maximize probabilities.

Even then, lots of misses can occur, so don't rely too much on it. This example is doubly good because if M-A-R turns out to be correct, the hit is more impressive, otherwise the M angle still worked. Slick tongue - your capacity to make the reading flow is very important to maintain appearances. Don't let failures tarry too long : throw lots of baits, lines and questions.

Depending on the kind of scam you want to run, this may be more or less useful.

All you usually need to observe are : * the age of the person - The older the person, the more likely you can get hits on deaths and children.

So, you wanna be a psychic and give psychic readings, just like John Edward ? All you have to learn is cold and hot reading techniques, an understanding of probability, a slick tongue to fall on your feet gracefully, and you'll be on your way to scam lots of people.