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But despite being court appointed, “we didn’t always get to pick our clients.

But there were two types of people we wouldn’t represent: child molesters and drug dealers.

Meredith and Emma say their parents are controlling and manipulative. Bill explains why he says he drove recklessly and tailgated a police car at high speed … Susan claims Bekah has blamed her “sinful behavior.” According to Susan, her daughter has told her that she thinks she’s a danger to her children’s souls.

Susan also claims Bekah and David have diagnosed her with a personality disorder.

Phil pioneered, it looks at the application of psychology in the judicial system and what motivates people.” Said Mc Graw during the panel: “It’s not an autobiographical, it’s ‘inspired by.’ I like the way the show tracks how we did the right thing and tried to take the higher moral ground in these cases. Sometimes the law doesn’t always get it right.” Cases on the show won’t just be based in New York but also Oklahoma and Silicon Valley.