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"Osteen insisted that he does, but "in a positive way.""There's enough pushing people down in life already," he added.

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it was a thrill to have Gould sing the song for her film.

“It came about because he’s friends with Marsha Malamet who wrote the song,” she shared.

“The movie ends with Scrooge finding love again and the song is about finding the hopefulness in life, rather than hopelessness,” Baim continues.

“The song comes up at the end credits and is simply this amazing ballad.”Since his mom’s flick, “The Guilt Trip,” comes out this Christmas, in which her fictional character takes a cross-country road trip with her son (played by Seth Rogen), both Streisand and her real-life son have new projects to promote.

Joel Osteen, megachurch pastor and New York Times best-selling author, was pressed during a recent interview about his stance on homosexuality and asked if he would ever come out in support of same-sex marriage.