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The Chairman of the Boston City Council Public Safety Committee, Stephen Murphy, called for an independent investigation of Markoff's death and procedures at the Nashua Street Jail.

Murphy asserted that jail officials had a duty of proper care and custody of all inmates and that Markoff should have been watched more closely given his prior suicide attempts.

Good news, single ladies -- if you're looking for a date with a man, the odds are in your favor in Upstate New York. Just three cities in the study were found to have an even number of single men and women in that age range: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Decatur, Illinois; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Census data on unmarried men and women ages 25 to 34 across America, and published a map of ratios between singles in more than 100 metro areas.

In Syracuse, the numbers are slightly more even, with 115 unattached men for every 100 women -- which works out to 87 single ladies for every 100 men.