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That is one of the differences between this lens and for instance a bifocal IOL where vision may be worse at intermediate than it is at near or far.

I spend a large number of hours at a computer and was willing to risk needing reading glasses occasionally for near in order to get better intermediate vision.

At near my vision was already about 20/25 (but fluctuating a bit it had seemed better earlier that day).

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That may be in part because as it notes: ' "Pushing” does not equal “Sustaining” '.

This issue is that someone with their natural lens still who is presbyopic for instance may be able to theoretically read a particular print size without glasses, but that the muscle effort to focus may be a strain to do for an extended period of time, and the Crystalens at least partly seems to require the same sort of accommodative effort.

So according to those values, the contacts did give leave that eye around -1.75D myopic (the value at the spectacle plane isn't much different).

Refractions aren't exact, and can fluctuate throughout the day and I don't know if your glasses RX wasn't from this optometrist but your doctor perhaps, so I'm suspecting the optometrist gave you -1.5D monovision according to his measurements when you got them.

Most household tasks and social interactions occur at intermediate distance as well.

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