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Masterson’s PR rep, Jenni Weinman Voake at The Current Co, also released a statement today, saying allegations from one of the women, his then-girlfriend, are 16 years old, and that it was only after she “was in contact with Leah Remini that she made allegations of sexual assault by Mr.

Masterson.” Masterson is a member of the Church of Scientology, and Remini, a former member, now toplines the A&E series We are aware of [name redacted]’s 16-year-old allegations.

He declined to provide any further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

Danny Masterson is celebrating his wife's "encore." The 41-year-old actor took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal that his wife, Bijou Phillips, had received a "100% successful" kidney transplant, alongside a sweet photo of Phillips and her donor.

My lady has been slowing dying for the past 7 years of an incurable kidney disease.

This isn't a huge study, but it definitely checks out with our personal experiences.

And, TBH, the results aren't surprising considering how often people check their phones.

We are aware also that approximately 14 years ago a woman referred to in the blog made allegations of sexual assault and that the LADP interviewed numerous witnesses and determined the claim had no merit.