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The Negroes and Canary Islanders died at first.” – Columbus Columbus held the record for the most indigenous slaves sent to Europe by a single individual (about 5,000).

It was making no secret that he was looking for gold.

Columbus, just like other colonizers, is also responsible for the creation of the social construct of race and the racialized social hierarchy we still experience to this day. And this is why it is amazing that such a person can still be celebrated in the United States.

When Columbus first landed on Turtle Island, indigenous people came to greet him and his men. Columbus was influenced by ideas by such as “Manifest Destiny”, which states that it was the birthright of the European white man, the “civilized” ones, to colonize the “savage world” for their own good.

FUCK COLUMBUS AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR hoods 4 justice https:// Fuck Christopher Columbus and what he symbolizes, and fuck the people who willingly preserve his legacy of genocide and colonial authority.

We are not required to preserve the legacy of white settlers that continuously showed contempt, disregard, and hatred for our ancestors and left an indelible negative impression in the lives of the indigenous folks of this land.

This is how Columbus became governor of Hispaniola.