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Depending on the processes that took place, the bots can be assigned the trust rating scored for a quantity of successful transactions, duration of the bots activity, timing of the last deal, diversity of users in terms of geographical situation and even average time of customer interaction.

With DLT technology used as a base for such trust rating system, we can create the mechanism that indicates a value of trust for the chatbot and provides the user with the unique opportunity to measure risks before accepting the deal. The chatbot representing a variety of pizzerias is available in all popular messengers.

Once all the participants confirm the transaction it will be recorded in the register and will influence the trust rating of the specific chatbot in the future.

How does a user know that an automated helper can be trusted?

When they see the bot’s interface for the first time natural doubts appear.

The increased level of trust will lead to the respectively higher interactivity level between user and technology.

The chatbot may use the developed rating model as a base for the new services and for the evaluation of the interaction between each other while making the deals automatically in the near future.

The users would be able to make reasonable decisions before sending their important and confidential data.