dating an hiv positive women - Dating co workers should be permitted

The dating scene is tough these days, especially for hard-working singles putting in 60-plus hours at the office every week.

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But, once you get together romantically, you might discover the person is actually a commitment-phobe, or a serial monogamist, or isn't that funny after all. But if you realize that this is the fourth time you've gotten romantically involved with a coworker, not only should you expand your dating pool, but think hard how this could be affecting your career path.

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But according to the State Supreme Court of California, not only can consensual workplace relationships create a hostile work environment, but employers can be held liable if and when such situations do occur. Department of Corrections, involved several subordinates who allegedly received promotions in return for consensual sexual favors.

The workplace environment became one where the plaintiffs claim they began to wonder what they, too, would have to do to advance, according to

Have a thing for the guy who sits next to the printer? According to a survey, 56 percent of American business professionals say they've had some kind of romantic relationship with a coworker—whether that's a random hookup at the office holiday party or a long-term partnership that ultimately led to marriage.