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The two were spotted together at Malibu restaurant Nobu, which doesn't exactly scream confirmed relationship, but we'll take it.

To back that up, sources believe that some of Chelsey's Instagram shots were taken at Leo's Los Angeles homes.

They’re hysterical but also highlight this important fact: It’s time to give this dude some Academy love.

Leo’s 2011 was better than 99.9999% of every man in the world’s entire lifetime with regard to dating women.

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Both Di Caprio and Agdal have their own time-consuming jobs, and if gigs and locations don't match up, it can be hard to spend any time together.

The split could have something to do with the fact that Di Caprio has a new movie coming up.

There aren't many pictures on her page but this video of a glamorous fire pit overlooking L. in all it's decadent splendor would definitely fit the bill of a Leonardo Di Caprio humble abode.