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The DGSE can trace its roots back to 1947, when a central external intelligence agency, known as the SDECE, was founded to combine under one head a variety of separate agencies – some, such as the Deuxième Bureau, dating from the time of Napoleon III and some, such as the BCRA, from the Free France of World War II.It remained independent until the mid-1960s, when the SDECE was discovered to have been involved in the kidnapping and presumed murder of Mehdi Ben Barka, a Moroccan revolutionary living in Paris.

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He had been on post in Damascus at a time when Cousseran was France's ambassador to Syria.

Chouet began writing reports to Cousseran that by-passed his immediate superior, Pochon.

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Cousseran reorganized the agency to improve the flow of information, This came during a period when the French government was formed as a cohabitation between left and right parties.