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Thus, structured and reproducible yoga protocols for c LBP need to first be adapted to the unique needs of Veterans [This study will determine if yoga can become a safe, clinically effective, cost-effective, and scalable nonpharmacologic approach to address the physical and psychosocial dimensions of c LBP in Veterans [ The results of this study have the potential to impact the approach and management of c LBP according to the Army Surgeon General Pain Management Task Force vision, i.e., having a more integrative and interdisciplinary focus on active self-care approaches that empower Veterans to have greater control of their condition [).Prior to beginning the intervention, Veterans are randomized in a 1:1 ratio into (1) a 12-week series of structured weekly hatha yoga classes supplemented by home yoga practice or (2) education using a comprehensive back pain self-management book, ].

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Despite enthusiasm for offering yoga to Veterans, yoga instruction to date in the VHA is not well standardized or widely implemented.

More importantly, there is little strong evidence for yoga’s effect on PTSS, depression, or other psychosocial problems.

Cost-effectiveness analyses will be performed from the perspective of the Veteran, VHA, and society.

To gain a greater understanding of the impact of c LBP on the Veteran and family, we are conducting in-depth interviews with a subset of 20 Veterans in the yoga arm and their partners before and after the yoga intervention.

The 24-week study has an initial 12-week intervention period, where participants are randomized equally into (1) a standardized weekly group yoga class with home practice or (2) education delivered with a self-care book.

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