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Possibly have host homes that will provide drinks, maybe a cooked hotdog or meal.

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The ray guns can give away their position if they want to but they should stay hidden (makes it more fun).

The aliens are chasing everyone around while they are on the look out for the ray guys.

If you’re playing this game as a team the first whistle blower earns points for their team, you could even give the second place team second place team points.

Clean off whistles with hot soapy water and start again with new plates and fresh whip cream.

Do this without anyone knowing that you’ve added them to see what type of reaction the previous bobbers will give. Required: 8 – 2ft cut pieces of 2 X 4 wood, hammer, safety goggles, 8 nails for each team Players: Small to large groups Each teams mission will be to build a chair one person or nail at a time.