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service (808-966-9777) •Aug 11 (Sat.): Hamakua Jodo Mission, p.m.Are you ready to meet a Christian single person for a long term relationship?(637-4423) • July 13-14 (Fri./Sat.): Rissho Kosei-kai Hawaii Kyokai, 6 p.m. (455-3212) • July 20-21 (Fri./Sat.): Shinshu Kyokai Mission, p.m. (973-0150) • July 20-21 (Fri./Sat.): Jikoen Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, p.m.

Among his sources: the Hawaii Herald newspaper, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii 2012 Obon schedule, 2012 Hilo Bon Dance Club schedule, Soto Mission of Hawaii calendar, the Honolulu Star Advertiser, and Hawaii Eisa Shingyuu Kai schedule. • June 16 (Sat.): Ewa Hongwanji, 7 p.m., following 6 p.m. and Sat.): Wahiawa Hongwanji, 7 p.m., following 6 p.m. and Sat.): Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin, following p.m. (808-637-4382) • July 7 (Sat.): Kanehohe Higashi Hongwanji, following 6 p.m.

service (808-247-2661) • July 13-14 (Fri./Sat.): Koboji Shingon Mission, 7 p.m. (808-841-7033) • July 13-14 (Fri./Sat.): Wahpahu Hongwanji, 7 p.m. service (808-677-4221) • July 13-14 (Fri./Sat.): Haleiwa Shingon Mission, p.m. 3-4 (Fri./Sat.): Waipahu Soto Zen Temple Taiyoji, 7 p.m. 3-4 (Fri./Sat.): Pacific Beach Hotel Natsu Matsuri, p.m.

The festivals are also known for serving up delicious Japanese foods such as andagi (sweet fried dough), grilled teri-beef and -chicken skewers, musubi (rice balls wrapped in dried seaweed), and stir-fry noodles. Also, make sure you bring a camera to capture some memories. Before heading out to a bon dance, check out photographer Luke Takayama’s online bon dance photo gallery.

The menu is intends to both nourish dancers and raise money for the host hongwanji. Want to learn more about bon dance season in the Islands?

(808-622-1429) • July 21 (Sat.): Waianae Hongwanji, 7 p.m.