Dating indigirke

Vests are wonderful - it's like taking all the thrilling parts of sweater knitting and condensing them down into an efficient summary. Vests need a slightly more exaggerated armhole depth (mine was about 10.5" before knitting in the armhole ribbing) than their sweater counterparts, but other than that, measurement-wise things are essentially the same.

No sleeve monotony (the second one undoubtedly causes a temporary lapse of excitement in my process), very little shaping, and steeking, means essentially knitting a tube on autopilot with intermittent technique shifts to spice things up. I worked a "slip 2 as if to knit, k1, pass 2 slipped stitches over" centered decrease every other round on the neck ribbing to create the central ridge at the bottom of the v-shapd opening.

And in my opinion, it makes garment knitting much more intuitive and enjoyable. Taking the time to do the little things adds up to a truly professional result that's better than buying the most expensive knitted items. Nice to know you've discovered the wonders of a vest. I am currently concocting plans to travel to brooklyn, break into your place (wherever that may be), and steal this thing. But isn't that because the whole thing was knit in the round, and both the neck and the sleeves were made with steeks?

I'm not a big fan of purling, so it's a technique that I like to employ whenever possible. The way you treat your materials and process is a true inspiration. gorgeous combo - your eye for color and texture is uncanny. That's why the colors match so well on either side of the neck and sleeves, right?

I asked you once to marry me after your aran cardigan, I AM happily married with 3 children, but after this.... your work is stunning and I love to read your blog.