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Costs were high because most of the raw materials were imported, even though some of the plants already used machines.

With unprecedented industrial growth, multiple manufacturing establishments appeared, dedicated to such diverse products as melting of iron and metal, machinery, soap and candles, glasses, beer, vinegar, gallons of gold and silver, shoes, hats and cotton fabric.

in 1857, seven factories benefited from this practice of incentives, among them, the Ponta da Areia mentioned above and that was owned by Irineu Evangelista de Sousa (later Viscount of Mauá).

On the contrary, capital employed in the trade was had already been directed to sectors such as enterprises of urban services, transport, banking and trade.

But it is possible that there was an indirect contribution to the growth of the industrial sector through banking loans.

The imperial government created several incentives for the industrialization of the country.

The earliest of these date from the reign of Dom Pedro I, through awards of government grants.

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