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    It is more active in the brains of extroverts than in the brains of introverts as Scott Barry Kaufman, the Scientific Director of At the expectation of, say, getting the phone number of an attractive person or earning a promotion at work, extroverts become more energized than introverts.

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    I liked it because I knew it was a one-and-done situation, and she wouldn't be trying to get with me again the next morning or in the future. I mean, guys have bucket lists of the types of women they want to hook up with before they settle down. I found myself in this really weird, emotional relationship with someone I work with, who happened to be engaged and getting married in three months.

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    EDITORS NOTE: We're re-posting this story, first published in 2012, in light of James Alfred Cooper's jail release this week - which has led Toronto police to issue a rare public safety alert.