Dating match wild

“I saw my 60-year-old Colorado man, and he was a college kid in Ghana,” Joanna said. He told Joanna he’d really fallen in love with her.Instead she reported him to the local sheriff and the FBI.

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That’s particularly true if they’ve been through difficult circumstances, such as divorce, losing a job, serious illness and other major losses, says Doug Shadel, a fraud researcher and director of AARP Washington.

It’s as if “their immune system to fraud” is weakened, Shadel said.

She estimated that she lost a total of $125,000, which required her to take out loans.

Barb Sluppick, founder of the online support group, which has 20,000 active members, said that one of the hardest things for victims to understand “is that there’s no justice in these scams." “Money that is sent, the money is gone,” she said.

First he said his laptop broke and asked Joanna to ship a new one.