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Bailey begs Meredith to help her and Meredith does.Meredith feels sorry for Cristina, so she gives her a surgery and Meredith takes Cristina's interns, including Lexie.

Really Old Guy wakes up and Izzie tries to save him, but he wants to die and finally does.

Izzie thinks Callie wants to beat her up and the rumor is started. Alex is disgusted that Izzie slept with George and that she told him like he was one of her chick friends. Richard's niece is brought back into the hospital and she doesn't want any further measures to cure her cancer.

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Derek tells Cristina that Burke put in his resignation two weeks prior.

that, according to Ruby, she and Demi dated for two years while she was on a break with current boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. With Wilmer, I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been, so that’s all that matters to me.