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Most of the time, success boils down to putting your best face forward, being sincere about your wants and needs, and, yes, even making compromises. Insincerity is very obvious, and you won’t get a call back," she says.

Here are a few basic guidelines that ring true for both work and romance: Anyone who has dabbled in the world of online dating knows that the initial outreach is key. When reaching out to potential employers, it's crucial to present yourself in the most professional manner possible.

Beware of extreme pickiness: You might miss out on something really amazing just because that guy from is a couple inches shorter than you'd hoped, or you just don't "see yourself" taking an internship after graduation from college. Without stretching yourself too thin, it doesn't hurt to apply to positions you're slightly under-qualified for.

Oftentimes, employers place more emphasis on your potential to grow, how well you fit in with the company culture and even how genuinely likable you are, rather than if you've mastered every single skill on the list of job requirements.

“When you’re dating someone new, it’s nice to get some feedback from mutual friends or coworkers. A first date is essentially an audition for a second date.