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Women who aren’t adapted to high elevations can have a much harder time bearing children and risk having low-birth-weight babies.

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Andeans have higher levels of hemoglobin, the protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the bloodstream, so their blood cells carry more oxygen than those of lowlanders.

Studies of highland Ethiopians, too, indicate genetic adaptations to low-oxygen environments. Eng says there are several telltale alleles found in high-altitude populations where hypoxia is a major challenge.

In evolutionary terms, random mutations create new recipes for alleles that may eventually come to exist throughout a population.

In the case of Himalayans, ancient and modern, two particular alleles have promoted adaptation to high elevation and the avoidance of hypoxia.

Bachelor's degree programs include general education requirements, along with core subject courses. Your coursework will reflect an area of specialization that you've selected, such as art history or medieval studies, and may cover courses such as the following: A bachelor's degree in archaeology will prepare you for entry-level work as an archaeological surveyor or a field or laboratory technician. Bureau of Labor Statistics (gov), career opportunities for anthropologists and archaeologists were predicted to increase by 4% from 2014-2024.