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The unit has today been accused of killing unarmed suspects Panorama also alleges that there were several ‘drive by’ shootings carried out by MRF soldiers, in which people were killed and wounded - even though there is no independent evidence that any of them were armed or were members of the IRA.

One former MRF member has admitted killing, but denied operating outside the rules of engagement which covered the British Army in Northern Ireland at that time.

The Army claimed he was an IRA gunman but the IRA have never claimed him as a member.

Forensic tests at the time showed he had not fired a weapon Although soldiers involved in the shooting of Mr Mc Veigh made statements to the Royal Military Police saying they had been shot at, Panorama says there is no evidence that Mc Veigh or anyone beside him were members of the IRA.

The ex-intelligence officer, who wrote the book ‘MRF Shadow Troop’ which prompted the Panorama investigation, protects his identity for fear of IRA reprisals and now operates under the name Simon Cursey.