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It’s easier to be honest when you’re using Auto-Tune, in the same way that people feel more comfortable being blunt on Instant Messenger. They’re well-suited to being chopped and screwed because they’re slow and contemplative.

She is funny, and ultimately Kanye needs a girl he can hang out with.

He is unsatisfied with Miss Albania even though he’s spent his entire career working to a place where he could have sex with Miss Albania.

Let me tell you a secret about Nate Dogg: He probably got dumped a lot. The rapper persona, as it has been established and embellished on, never gets dumped. Kanye gets dumped all the time, and he is trying to figure out why.

He’s moved out of the defensive position (“Runaway”) and turned on himself.

T.” forever, he’s also making songs like “Mama’s Boyfriend,” an outtake from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy whose vocal track leaked this week, in which he attempts to work through his obsession with controlling women. It’s embarrassing to rap about this shit, but that’s why it’s so cathartic.