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His ethnicity can be termed as Iraqi and Finnish as his mother is Finnish and his father is Iraqi.

His nationality is noticeably American as he was born and raised in America.

That's my best guess.(A source familiar with the film's negotiations told that Tolan's revision of his script, centered on a young protagonist joining "the most elite lifeguard school in the world," would be submitted to Paramount Pictures in the next two weeks.

"Paramount has said they want to make this movie this year," said the source, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of the project as it moved closer to production. I don't want to go on a restaurant in the Bahamas quite a few years back, I went to the opening of that.

He did some Broadway, singing stuff, some reality stuff and all that. Nicole Eggert: It's so strange when you lose a parent — it just knocked me on my ass.