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Calgary is the headquarters of Greyhound Canada Transportation Co, the largest intercity bus system in Canada, and Red Arrow, an Alberta company, which has service between Fort Mc Murray, Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary.

Bus routes in Alberta run along the major highway systems.

The Rocky Mountains form the southern portion of Alberta's western boundary with British Columbia.

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Alberta is home to two international airports, located in Calgary and Edmonton.

Regular passenger service to other parts of the country and abroad is provided from these airports, while local provincial air service is provided from smaller municipal airports in the province.

The influence of the Pacific air mass weakens in eastern Alberta, giving way to continental air masses originating in the Arctic and mid-western US.

These air masses bring January mean temperatures ranging from -8°C in the south to -24°C in the north, and July mean temperatures ranging from 20°C in the south to 16°C in the north.

Low annual precipitation, high evaporation rates and fast runoff produce chronic water deficits in southern Alberta, varying from a moderate deficiency in the parkland region to a severe shortage in the short-grass prairie area.