Elena s models russian dating agency

They help in setting up relationships between (usually Western) men and Russian and Eastern European women.

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In the next year, I received more than 250 letters (air mail!

) from men all over the world but mostly fron the US - but I eventually married a man I contacted myself through an ad in the same local newspaper.

So, when I could not, by the age of 29, meet a partner in Russia (none of my relationships worked out), I decided to follow the advice of my girlfriend and look beyond the Russian borders in search of a normal, good man for marriage.

Being the industrious person I am, I sent my photos to about a dozen of foreign agencies advertising in the local newspapers, plus joined a local agency known in my city (which, in its turn, sent my data to another dozen agencies).

Slavic women, especially, Ukrainian and Russian are subjects of the dreams of many men worldwide.