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"I want to create the kind of body that stops people in the street," laughed Ms Sawada, sporting a bob hairstyle and silver nail polish.

"I don't care what people think - you can express feminine beauty with this kind of body." Other bodybuilding sub-genres have sprung up in Japan, including "bikini fitness" - a category that has turned Ms Yuri Yasui into a magazine cover girl.

Ms Yamanouchi, who takes around 10 different supplements a day to boost muscle growth and aid recovery, insists she knows where to draw the line, despite her bulging physique. I'm always striving to create the perfect body." Women's bodybuilding is serious business in Japan.

"I don't want to look like the Hulk," she said, taking a gulp of protein shake. The oldest competitor at the Japan championships, 64-year-old Mariko Takamatsu, stormed off after failing to make the top 12.

"I want to help change perceptions so that more people can appreciate the beauty of a muscular woman," said the five-time national champion after a punishing two-hour workout a week before the competition.