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This zipped file contains Supplementary Tables 1-7 comprising: (1) U-Pb ages from individual magmatic zircons used to estimate the absolute date of the fossiliferous horizon where the Panamacebus fossils were discovered; (2) List of the prior node calibrations used for the divergence dating analysis in BEAST; (3) Pollen locality and richness data used in the paleobotanical reconstruction; (4) Scan settings for the micro CT scans presented in this paper; (5) Table of summary statistics from the divergence dating analyses in BEAST; (6) Mammalian faunal list from the Lirio Norte L. (YPA024), Las Cascadas Formation, Panama; (7) Biogeographic affinities and richness of Oligocene to middle Miocene pollen-bearing formations in Florida, Puerto Rico, southern Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama.

This file contains detailed Methods and additional morphological comparisons of Panamacebus to other primates and detailed Methods and Results of stratigraphic, geochronological, phylogenetic, and divergence analyses, and paleobotanical reconstructions.

Bass Distinguished Visiting Environmental Scholar in the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies (YIBS).

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contributed to radioisotopic analyses and stratigraphy.

This finding supports the idea that over-water dispersals were possible for plants and animals more generally in the Caribbean region during the early Miocene epoch.

Reed for assistance with the high-performance computing resources at the University of Florida. This is University of Florida Contribution to Paleobiology 782.

The NSF (PIRE project 0966884), Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Paleobiology Fund, and the Florida Museum of Natural History funded this research.

Here we present the first description of a fossil monkey recovered from the North American landmass, the oldest known crown platyrrhine, from a precisely dated 20.9-Ma layer in the Las Cascadas Formation in the Panama Canal Basin, Panama.