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Accordingly, we reverse that portion of the circuit court’s amended judgment concerning damages for conversion.

In their cross-appeal, the plaintiffs-appellees argue that the circuit court erred in: (1) ruling, as a matter of law, that conversion of property is a condition precedent to the imposition of a constructive trust and the commission of a fraudulent conveyance with respect to the property; (2) instructing the jury that the proper measure of damages for the conversion of the gold bars and the golden buddha was the value of the bars at the time of conversion rather than the highest value of the gold between the time of the conversion and the time of trial; and (3) failing to award prejudgment interest to the Roxas Estate and awarding inadequate prejudgment interest to GBC.

Sometime in 1970, Roxas’s group began digging on state lands near the Baguio General Hospital.

After approximately seven months of searching and digging “24 hours a day,” the group broke into a system of underground tunnels.

Accordingly, we remand for a new trial on the limited question of the proper valuation of the converted property.